Commonly asked questions regarding electric bikes


  • Can I purchase an electric bike on the cycle scheme?
  • Yes you can, as the same rules apply as a normal bicycle as long as the value of the bike does not exceed £1000
  • How long will my battery last?
  • There are many factors that affect the life of the battery; strong head winds, constant throttling and hills will make a big difference to the life in your battery. For example if you rode your bike under constant throttle without pedaling you may only achieve 20 miles or so, however if you used both pedal power and throttle on a low setting you may achieve up to 50 miles.
  • What is the difference between a normal bike and an electric bike?
  • A normal bike can only be powered by pedal power alone whereas an electric bike is fitted with a high power battery and an electric motor.
  • Will my electric bike charge while riding?
  • No, currently there are no electric bikes that can generate enough power while riding to charge the battery.
  • Do I have to pedal?
  • This depends, as some bikes are just pedal assist which means as you start to pedal the motor will help you and make pedaling much easier. Some bikes however have different modes and will allow you have pedal assist, and the option of throttle only or a combination of the two.
  • Can I ride my bike without using the motor?
  • Yes, all electric bikes have normal gears and can be ridden quite normally; however you should be aware that these bikes can be heavier due the extra weight of the battery and motor.
  • Can I test ride an electric bike?
  • Yes, our office and showroom is informal and we have a wide range of bikes for you to come along and try.
  • Will I get a warranty with my bike?
  • Yes you will, all our bikes are supplied from reputable and established companies and all offer you guarantees. All manufacturers’ warranties vary though so you will need to check what each individual companies offer.
  • Can I ride my electric bike on normal roads?
  • Yes you can ride electric bikes on all British roads as long as you abide by all Highway codes and laws and regulations.
  • Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?
  • No,UK law does not insist you wear a helmet, however we would strongly recommend doing so for your own protection and safety.
  • How fast will my bike go?
  • UK law states that no electric bike can exceed 15.5mph by throttle power, so all electric bikes will power you up to this speed, of course you can go faster though by pedal power.
  • Are electric bikes safe to use in wet conditions?
  • Yes you will be perfectly safe as all electric components on your bike are waterproofed.


My will be exhibiting electric bikes at various places throughout the Leicestershire in 2013 - Dates and locations will be posted soon. Come and try our demo bikes and see for yourself just how good an electric bike is. We have plenty of off road space for you to try one before heading off on the roads.
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